Annak érdekében, hogy Önnek a legjobb élményt nyújtsuk "sütiket" használunk honlapunkon. Az oldal használatával Ön beleegyezik a "sütik" használatába.

Guide for Authors writing on foreign language


Miskolci Jogtudó serves as a scientific journal primarly for the students of Law School of Miskolc who want to publish their scientific research results alone or together with their tutor.

Nevertheless, the Journal also encourages the publishing intentions of students learning at other institutes in graduate or in postgraduate (PhD) level.

The e-Journal publishes essays, case-studies, book-reviews, conference reports or interviews. The Editorial Board accepts not only Hungarian works, but also papers written in foreign language (German, English or French). The Editorial Board may have the received manuscripts revised and checked linguistically in case of need. The editors reserve the right to refuse papers.

About requirements of manuscripts

The length of the academic writings, studies should be no longer than 40,000 n (that is about 13–15 pages). The case-studies, reviews or interviews should be no longer than 20,000 n (about 8–9 pages). The titles of works are to be given in the original language and, where appropriate, with an English translation. The studies should be equipped with exact references placed in footnotes (for the form, see one of the issue). The papers should contain keywords in original language, and keywords and an abstract (50–70 words) in English. The Editorial Board requests from the student to attach a recommendation from the tutor or the consultant in the case when the tutor is not a co-author of the paper.

The deadline for the manuscripts are the 15th of March and the 15th of September in every year. Please send the manuscripts via e-mail: